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Pastor Phil

Senior Pastor - Reverend Phil Jorgensen

I was born June 30, 1956 in Sioux City, Iowa to Orval and Doris Jorgensen. My parents went 12 years following their wedding without having children. They started adoption proceedings for my brother, Steve, when I was conceived. My brother is four months older than I. Four other children followed. We are four boys and two girls. My youngest sister was born in 1967. My mother died in December 1998 of complications of diabetes. My father died May 11, 2009. I attended grade school and high school in the small town school system called Lawton Bronson. It is about 8 miles east of Sioux City. I graduated from high school in 1974. I participated in football, track and baseball. I enjoyed playing basketball in our church league. I continue to enjoy playing and watching sporting activities. I play golf in the summer and bowl in the winter. Some of my hobbies are playing the guitar and reading. I also enjoy spending time with family and friends.

I married my wife, Karmen, on June 11, 1977. She brought three children to the marriage from a previous marriage. Curtis was the oldest being 13 years old when we married, Dawn was 11 and Christopher was 6. Karmen and I left Sioux City for Dubuque and the seminary in the summer of 1987. I was ordained in the ELCA in June 1991 and have served parishes in Cylinder, Iowa, Melvin, Iowa and Slater, Iowa. Karmen died of cancer on December 19, 2002. Karmen’s death has given me a new understanding of death and how people die.

After Karmen’s death I did a grief recovery group through hospice and started my recovery process. Part of that process meant leaving the parish for a time. Ecclesiastes says there is a time for every season. I went through a season of recovery and growth as I discerned the direction of my life. I entered a Clinical Pastoral Education residency at Iowa Methodist Medical Center in Des Moines in 2003. The program helped me discover new strengths, work on some old ones and hone my skills for ministry. Through that year of CPE I learned about myself and about the things that make me who I am. I am a child of God saved by grace through faith. God isn’t finished with me yet but is sending me in a new direction. I learned about faith and how my life is shaped and nurtured through my relationship with God and how I grow spiritually as I share time with others.

God also led a woman into my life that would eventually become my wife. Denise and I were married September 4, 2004. She also brings three children to the marriage, Brandon, Paige and Taylor. They are God’s gift to me as God has given me another opportunity to raise and influence children. Denise and I have grown together in faith as we seek to follow where the Lord is leading. We will continue to grow in faith, love and the knowledge and wisdom of God. Together Denise and I have five grandchildren, Anna, Ryan, Sarah, Jeremiah and Averie.

I am a PRN chaplain with St. Luke’s Hospice. God has called me to minister to God’s people no matter where I am. God has blessed me with the desire and the ability to minister to God’s people. I thank God for the gifts of the spirit and for allowing me to use them in the parish and beyond.

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Teresa Plummer

Children & Youth Ministry Director

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Jenny Hageman

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Nancy Greer

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Terri Hodge

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